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While there are obviously many issues important to boating Americans, Boaters For A Brighter Future elects to prioritize our focus on three that seem to be inextricably linked and will affect every boater and every American: climate and the environment, taxes and the economy and immigration.

At least for the moment, we choose to follow the lead of U. S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY (champion of the Green New Deal, legislation calling for a massive overhaul of the nation’s economy and energy use to eliminate all green house emissions and estimated to cost up to $93 trillion or $600,000 per household), who recently claimed in a House committee hearing that climate change is a “major factor” of the global migrant crisis and that the United States would have “blood on our hands” if legislation is not passed to tackle climate change.

American elected officials choosing to use American tax and economic regulations to solve the global issues of "climate change", and immigration should make all three issues important to American boaters.

Climate & Environment

There are no greater, or more demanding environmentalists than boaters.  Boaters for A brighter Future supports rational, reasonable, and realistic environmental sanity - NOT climate craziness or extremes. And especially NOT the Green New Deal.

Too many voters as well as elected policy makers  seem bewitched by modern fortune tellers with computer models warning of some supposed tragedy that "might" happen in the distant future if humans don't reduce green house gasses while all but ignoring the most immediate and certain environmental catastrophe that is definitely deadly to humans as well as marine life, is caused by humans and that humans can solve - the problem of ocean plastic pollution.

Tax & Economics

"A rising tide lifts all boats", President John Kennedy. Fair and equitable tax policies reward sacrifice and risk taking, required to grow the economy and create more wealth for everyone.

Our Mission


Inept economic and environmental strategies exacerbate out dated immigration policies that are an increasingly dangerous fiscal and physical threat around the world.

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