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From the beginning, and even before the beginning, and for both good and bad, boats and boaters of all types, are and have been, integral to America and the American Dream.


From Spanish explorers Columbus and Ponce de Leon, to the English Pilgrims at Plymouth. From the European slave traders, the scourge of the "Middle Passage" to their descendants ironically making the same voyage as waves of desperate European immigrants landed at Ellis Island.  From the Cubans fleeing Castro, and the Chinese risking their lives in shipping containers to escape the brutality of communism, to even those now crossing the Rio Grande by rafts and tire tube floats, boats and boaters are essential to American freedom and prosperity.

In fact, almost every American is an American only because of some ancestor and some boat. It’s not surprising then for many Americans, one way or another, boating remains essential to their economic prosperity and their pursuit of happiness.

If not part of their economic livelihood, then a sort of aqua therapy for them and their families.

Time spent on the water with loved ones offer a special respite from the demands of modern American life, where all family members - regardless of age- can enjoy.


American society increasingly imposes special challenges which usually come at a high price of personal sacrifice.  Time away spent working often provides the resources and opportunities for loved ones to partake in less than desirable “recreational”  activities. Unfortunately, these activities can often result in lifelong adverse consequences.


Boating and the boating lifestyle remains one of the last and most uniquely rewarding family leisure activities - and especially for successful and healthy families. The fear of "dropping a phone in the water" or poor reception can force family interaction in an increasingly distant but connected society.

Thus, any threat to boating is therefore, in reality, an attack on many American families.

Freedom, Prosperity, & The Pursuit Of Happiness

Of All American Boaters Is Increasingly At Risk

Our Mission

Our Mission

Boaters For A Brighter Future seeks to be the premier unaffiliated independent expenditure only political organization created for like minded boating interests of all persuasions and positions to pool their resources in order to better protect and preserve their shared common passion of the boating lifestyle, their economic freedoms and their pursuit of happiness.

By helping to elect only those to public office that promote reasonable, rational, and realistic public polices - including but certainly not limited to environmental and tax policies - we can be certain to secure a brighter future for all Americans – and for generations to come.

“It’s not that they don’t know, but what they know, just ain’t so”, Josh Billings.

Our Vision

Too many “educated” people have been taught what to think, but not how to think.  Or they don't think much- at all.  They're too busy. Why think when you can just Google or check a news feed?


With more information, comes more misinformation and generally less time to dive deep behind the headlines and abstracts.  Social media compounds the problem increasing confirmation biases.

That’s why we hope all parties with an interest in boating or the success of the boating industry will make the right choice to join us and support the efforts of Boaters For A Brighter Future.

We seek to educate, motivate, and mobilize boat owners, the boating industry, and the general voting public to make right political choices for the right reasons.

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